Understanding Permanent Adhesive Vinyl Stickers

Vinyl Decals, also known as Vinyl “Stickers”, are a great way to decorate a variety of things, from your car windows to a room in your home. Or even the entire house if you’d like! If you’re not ready yet to make a drastic change in your decor, such as painting an entire room in a new color, why not try a milder approach. A lovely decorative set of permanent stickers are a great way to make a bold statement without the risk. If you don’t like the look, you can follow some simple removal steps and your walls will be good as new. You’d never even know they were there.

First off, let’s talk a little bit about permanent stickers. The most common material used for these sticker applications is vinyl, a durable plastic-like material that comes in different types and with different attributes depending on what it’s going to be used for. You can have them custom-made in just about any size, shape, color and design that you want.

You can also choose a wide-range of finishes to enhance the look of your custom wall-designs, there’s matte and gloss finishes available as well as clear or patterned backgrounds for the design you choose. The most common material used for these sticker applications is Vinyl, a durable plastic-like material that comes in different styles and with different attributes depending on what it’s going to be used for.

For example, Permanent adhesive stickers for vehicles, also know as Car or Truck Decals, are a resilient, thicker and tougher type of vinyl made to stand up against the elements without excessive wear and tear. These high-quality, laminated permanent stickers are often placed on exterior car doors and vehicle windows.

Decorative stickers are made of a thinner type of Vinyl and are specially designed to give a seamless, painted-on look, rather than the stuck-on look of a typical decal. You can often find pre-made vinyl sticker sets in the decorating section of your nearest home-improvement store. These sets will often be packaged with multiple pieces that are to be applied in a pattern or design on the surface of your choice. Some sets will be freestyle sets, such as simple numbers and letters. These allow you to create a completely unique scene or use them as accent pieces throughout your home or room.

To apply your vinyl stickers, you must first clean and prep the area you want to use. Use a soft towel and some soap and water to clean the surface of any dirt, grime or oil that may interfere with how the sticker adheres. Allow the area to completely dry before moving on. Next, it’s a good idea to pull all the stickers out of their packaging and consider how you want your design to look when it’s finished. You can even get some scotch tape and lightly tape the stickers to the wall, with their backing still attached, of course. It’s not only an excellent visual aid, but also this way there’s no surprises halfway through the application process!

When you’re ready to apply your permanent adhesive stickers, it’s a good idea to have a ruler at hand and use it to help yourself center and straighten the decals. When you’re sure of the position, slowly peel the backing off. Press the sticker against the surface starting with one edge and gently smooth it down using the edge of the ruler, pushing out air pockets as you go along, until it’s fully adhered to the wall.